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Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuit

The Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath lawsuit addresses Abbott’s cardiac catheters that pose an increased risk of introducing an air embolism into patients during surgery. Abbott initiated a Class I recall and litigation on behalf of affected patients is in the early stages.

This is an active lawsuit

See If You Qualify for an Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuit

If you or a loved one suffered serious health issues, including stroke or death, after using Abbott's Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Last Modified: September 11, 2023
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Latest Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuit Updates

Abbott announced an ongoing Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath recall, which the FDA identifies as a Class I, the agency’s most serious type of recall. The device can potentially cause severe injuries or even death because of an increased risk of an air embolism. This happens if an air bubble enters a blood vessel and blocks the flow of blood.

Plaintiffs Begin Filing Lawsuits
  • September 2023: Experienced personal injury law firms are working with clients to file lawsuits.
  • July 2023: Potential plaintiffs began exploring their legal options, consulting top medical device injury lawyers across the country.
  • June 2023: Abbott recalled its Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath, model number ASDS-14F-075, on June 12, 2023 when an FDA announcement was issued. So far, the recall total across the United States is 672 devices.
  • February 2023: Distribution of affected products took place between October 4, 2022 and February 22, 2023.

Any patients who experienced an embolism after having surgery that used an Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath should contact a lawyer for advice and assistance throughout the litigation process. People are working with experienced law firms to review their cases and file claims. Family members who lost a loved one may also file a wrongful death suit.

Why Are People Filing Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuits?

The Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath increases the risk of an air embolism in patients who have surgical procedures done using this device. Air bubbles that get introduced during surgery have the potential to cause a variety of serious injuries or death.

The cardiac catheter known as the Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath is a device that provides a pathway to deliver the Amplatzer Amulet Left Atrial Appendage Occluder into the heart’s chambers. To date, Abbott reports 26 incidents involving the ASDS with 16 injuries and no deaths. Healthcare professionals should return any unused sheaths to the manufacturer.

If you or your loved one experienced an ASDS-related injury, you may face mounting medical expenses and lost wages. Filing a lawsuit is a way to hold the device manufacturer accountable and to seek financial compensation for all damages.

Injuries Named in Lawsuits

Plaintiffs who have had one or more cardiac catheterization procedures after October 4, 2002 that used the Abbott Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath and experienced a serious injury are filing lawsuits. Injuries named in lawsuits include changes in heart rate and other cardiac complications, as well as stroke.

Injuries Requiring Medical Attention
  • Abnormally rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
  • Abnormally slow heartbeat (bradycardia)
  • Air bubbles or air emboli
  • Cardiac issues
  • Insufficient blood flow (hemodynamic instability)
  • Low blood oxygen levels (desaturation)
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • Stroke

The Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuits are in the early stages of litigation. It’s important to speak with a law firm as soon as possible to assess your case.

Did you or a loved one suffer serious injuries, including stroke or death, after using Abbott's Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath?

Do I Qualify to File an Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawsuit?

People who are eligible to file a lawsuit must have had a cardiac catheterization procedure performed using ASDS and experienced an injury that required medical intervention. Family members of a deceased loved one who died as a result of their ASDS complications also qualify to file a lawsuit.

Speaking with an experienced law firm can help you assess your case and determine if you qualify to file an ASDS air embolism lawsuit. Having your medical records ready to discuss with a lawyer can help as you initially explore your litigation options

How to Choose an Amplatzer Steerable Delivery Sheath Lawyer

An experienced legal team that has demonstrated success in medical device litigation will help ensure they have the expertise to guide you through the process. Finding a lawyer who clearly explains each step and with whom you feel comfortable working is important.

Qualities of a Good Lawyer
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Free initial consultations and case reviews
  • Part of a national firm with robust resources
  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • Proven track record of success with similar cases

The right lawyer can help you feel comfortable throughout the process and help you hold the manufacturer accountable for causing harm. Take the time to find not only a qualified and skilled lawyer, but someone you can see yourself working with to prep, file, litigate and potentially negotiate a future settlement.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.