Our Expert Writers

Combined, Drugwatch’s expert writers have decades of experience in research and investigation. They have worked for respected newspapers, magazines, universities and law firms. Drugwatch’s writers get the facts directly from trusted, credible sources, such as doctors, lawyers, medical journals, court documents and government reports. They then translate the information into language you can understand. They also develop relationships with experts, advocacy groups and patients to add first-hand knowledge and additional expertise to the information found on Drugwatch.com. Our writers and researchers are available to help journalists and editors in need of reliable research, sources and quotes.

Senior Writer Michelle Llamas describes who makes up the Drugwatch team and how they strive to provide quality resources to readers.

Our Outreach Team

Part of Drugwatch’s mission is to spread awareness about the risks of prescription drugs and medical devices. The outreach coordinators connect with medical organizations and communities and alert them about risky medical products that could hurt people. They accomplish this by developing relationships and providing free resources and information tailored to each organization’s audience.

Please seek the advice of a medical professional before making health care decisions.